Shaniece Johnson AKA BRANDY BOOTYLICIOUS, The Lush From Hush(And The Red Room).

Shaniece Johnson AKA BRANDY BOOTYLICIOUS , the Lush from Hush is precisely that. She’s an abusive manipulative alcoholic that works as a happy ending expert(prostitute) at Hush and the Red Room. She’s advertised as BRANDY BOOTYLICIOUS on the website Nladult. She’s a professional gold digger mining that gold with one orgasm at a time. She’ll manipulate men on the job at Hush and the Red Room and off the job wherever she can to get that gold. When she’s drunk she becomes very verbally and physically abusive. She’ll even vandalize your stuff. And if you protect yourself, she’ll play the victim to all her friends, family and anyone who’ll believe her. She’ll do anything to get that gold. Stay away from her, Hush, the Red Room and Nladult. None of them can be trusted.

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