THIS is Chandi Vallis One of the most manipulating pathological lying sluts you would ever met she likes to blame everybody for her own wrongdoings and she’ll try to pass the blame on to anyone else that fits the picture . She had lied to her babies dad saying that her daughter was only going to Newfoundland for a quick two week visit that once she was in Newfoundland turned into forever and you’re never going to see your daughter again she used him in abused him taking his money and taking his generosity all while acting as if they were not together and lied to her family and friends portraying herself as his victim when really she was playing both sides she likes to party almost every single night she can she leaves her daughter at her mothers house all day almost every day so she can fook off and go hang out with her friends and party and get drunk and do shiffcaine and acts like she never did the drug in her life she played her baby daddy for months and months promising him that she would let him talk to his daughter only because she was trying to buy time .she promised him the world meanwhile sleeping with her best friend and best friends ex boyfriend . Sending nudes to guys that are in a relation ship And sleeping with Taylor Barnes an also just a s bad piece of dog doo . her mother is insane her dad has anger issues and walks for hours on end so he doesn’t break stuff around the house . she her whole family is sick . She claims her baby daddy’s old drug addiction is the reason he can’t speak to his daughter although the has been clean and found faith in god. and yet has her little girl around JORDAN GARDNER or deangelo . A convicted drug tafficer and drug addict claiming to be sober .

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