Katie Cassleman — Biggest Drd Bag, I’ve Ever Met!

Katie Cassleman — Biggest Drd Bag I’ve Ever Met!. This h0e sleeps with anyone, or anything that has 2 legs! She has slept with everyone in belleville and God knows how many others. She is a pu55y b1tch, internet warrior and the reason she sleeps with so many people is because she is too scared to be alone. It’s sad actually! This slut has had drds and who knows what else! This b1tch sleeps with old men for money and use to sell her pu55y. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is a black whole by now! She does meth, fentanyl and any other hard drugs she can get her hands on. Katie Cassleman can’t keep a job and tries to flex her money when she sells the meds she’s supposed to be taking ! Back to the pu55y b1tch part multiple people have tried to confront this b1tch about her internet talk but she doesn’t want anything. The only time Katie Cassleman will fight is when she suprise attacks people or uses weapons.

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