Ryan Mondoley is a misogynist, a rape apologist, and a predator

Ryan Mondoley is a misogynist who blames women for anything that happens to them.
He doesn’t care if they are raped, murdered, assaulted, or harassed.
Any of his comments will always blame the woman based on what they were wearing, if they were out alone, or didn’t take proper precaustions.
He currently resides in Las Vegas Nevada.
The main photos of him that have circulated around the internet are of him in pink panties.
Normally, calling out someone for what they are wearing wouldn’t be appropriate.
However, since he wants to be a misogynist, a rape apologist, and a victim blamer, then this is what he deserves.
It’s pretty clear that Ryan Mondoley should not be allowed anywhere near women at all.
Here is just a sample of the posts he’s made.

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