Alex Duxx Dirty Babydaddy Has DRDs And Spreading The Sh1t Around

Need I say more gross fuk doesnt want to go the doctors him and his flailed out skanks so imma post him idgaf it’s me bitvh I posted u because these girls need to know and public health nurse is looking for him and his lil skanks anyways here u go alex MY WORD HES DIRTY I JUST GOT TREATED FOR THE DRDS HE GAVE ME THIS GROSS FUK IS SCARED TO GO TO THE DOCTORS BUT AINT SCARED TO FUK D1RTY B1TCHES LIKE SAM POWERHORN AND SOME OTHER FLAIL GIRLS BRING IT U DIRTY MUTTS OR GO TO FUKING DOCTORS U GROSS PIGS PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY FOR FUK SAKE NO SHAME IN THIS GUYS GAME NASTY ASF

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