Mariana Stealey — Has Drd

Mariana Stealey — Has Drd. Nik, this girls name is Mariana Stealey. She’s a known stripper and floozy in Columbia, Missouri who will sleep with any guy for a few bumps of pepsi. She got beat up by her ex boyfriend after she gave him drd that she contracted after having a train ran on her at a Mizzou frat house. This girl is one of the most manipulative lying cheating drug addicts I’ve ever met. She used to be one of the popular girls in high school but she got fat and ugly and then dropped out of college after her sextape she got passed around every frat house in Columbia. That’s when she started stripping and floozing herself out for drugs. I just want everyone to know to stay away from her because she is full of drds and will cheat on you for a bump of pepsi. Yuck.

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