Jeremy Scott Lauderdale the Closeted Racist who likes to hide behind a computer screen

Meet Jeremy Lauderdale, this racist hails from Springfield Missouri and he’s apart of Racist Twitter under the account name /ImWaiting4What. When he’s not being a server at the Mexican Villa South location (yes a racist white man working at a mexican restaurant lmao your life must suck) he’s on his twitter account celebrating the death of black people, calling black people monkeys, saying they should all die, saying jews should die, that the holocaust never happened, praises Nazi’s and Adolf Hitler. He’s very cocky and racist behind a computer screen, what he doesn’t realize is he slipped up his identity.
What’s sad is that you have kids and you’ll be teaching your rhetoric to your kids. Your wife is ugly, not much of a looker and that says more about you because that’s sadly the best you can do. Don’t ever think she wouldn’t cheat on you with a black guy, she would, if she could, she’s not much of a looker so I don’t understand when you say black women look like monkeys, like have you seen your wife? do you actually eat that? (yuck)
You can be hateful and racist all you want, just don’t hide behind a computer screen to do it.
Listen I get that your 42 poor, a short man, haven’t accomplished much in your life and you hate seeing people of color doing better than you, but that’s on you.
You don’t have to hide behind a computer screen Mr. Jeremy Scott Lauderdale

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