Eva Corchado — Eva Has 6 Kids By 3 Different MEN!

Eva Corchado Eva Has 6 Kids By 3 Different MEN!. Nick, this is Eva Corchado. An Italian whore that fuks for money. Her fake a55 booty is not from excercise and she gets botox injected into her no lip having face. She lines her slit like Ronald McDonalds clown lips. She does workout 5-6 days a week leaving her mentally disabled kids to fend for themselves in soiled adult diapers. 2 of her 6 kids are mentally handicapped. Her eldest daughter is a Porn actress- a whole other story. Eva has sex with random Mexican and Puerto Rican men in gangs. Once she had sex with 6 Puerto Rican drug dealers for 7 hours while her disabled adult children were neglected and her 2 youngest were under age 10. She makes a living off of child support, her kids SSI and floozy. She acts like a ghetto hoidrat with her wrinkled a55 face!

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