Sara June Robinson — Part-Time Floozy/Addict/C0ck Fiend

This chick will deep-throat your c0ck all day long to make you fall in love then she takes everything she can get from you. She looks pretty, yeah, but she’s pretty hideous underneath all that makeup… and on the inside. Doesn’t know how to keep her legs closed, constantly has BV and you can smell her pu55y from across the room. She’ll sleep with all of your friends while you’re dating her and rub it in your face and tell you to kill yourself. If you have money or drugs, she’ll be your girlfriend for the week. Oh yeah, she loves making home-porno videos but will accuse you of uploading them to pornhub when she gets in her weekly delusional fit. She’ll text you that she loves you meanwhile she’s about to gag on another guy’s c0ck. She’ll even accept money for sex, there’s no morals with this one folks. She’ll come off as sweet and innocent and funny but she’s actually a terrible person underneath all that makeup she cakes on her ugly, pimply face. It’s best just to steer clear, nothing good will come from being around this h0e.

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