Sara June Robinson — Legs Are Always Spread Wide Open

Don’t let her looks fool you, she is one ugly b1tch underneath all that makeup. Even worse is that she’s uglier on the inside. Constantly cheats on boyfriends, lies about everything, acts so innocent and sweet but every couple of days she turns into a cvnt, rubbing in your face how she sleeps with everyone. She constantly has drd because she can’t keep her legs closed. You can smell her pussy from across the room. But hey, her head game is on point. So if you ever need a blowjob, just message her on Facebook and tell her you have drugs and by the end of the night you’ll be swimming in nasty-a55 smelling pu55y juice. She’ll also text you that she loves you moments before taking strange d1ck to the throat. She’ll use you for everything you’ve got so beware. She’s also no stranger to sexually transmitted infections, which she basically hands out like candy on Halloween. There is no remorse with this one. She’s a cold, calculated, foul smelling b1tch that’ll tear you apart if you’re not careful…. then she’ll make up for it by suking your d1ck because she realizes there’s still more she can get out of you.

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