Sebastian Zackery Dwight

Watch out for Sebastian Zackery Dwight, this loser thinks he’s hot sht cause he plays drums in a crappy band but in reality he’s a painter and rents a room. Has nothing to his name in his early 30s… He usually has more than one girl on the go and blames his commitment issues on his ex gf. We all know your the crazy one Seb it’s okay for him to talk to multiple different girls but the moment you talk to another guy watch the F out. All he does is drink smoke weed and do other drugs. He has no intention on growing up or committing to just one person anytime soon. He’s full of empty promises and lies, hunny You might be cute now but what happens 10years from now when your still doing the same lame a55 sh1t? You’re a BUM goodbye. Ps add some muscle to those tiny pipe cleaner arms of yours.

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One Comment

  1. Oh girl, you forgot about..
    The genital worts
    Compulsive lying
    Long criminal record all relating to abusing women
    Stealing from the person he rents a room from cause he has a maxed out credit card, works one day a week and lays around and drinks and does cocaine all day (check under his car seat for empties)
    Has no male friends cause of his anger issues
    Fucks every girl in London if they’re in a relationship or not
    Cheated on every girlfriend he’s had multiple times
    Abused a kitten but reels women in with cute pics of his pets
    Literally calls himself god and thinks he can do whatever he wants while trying to control everyone else
    You’ve been warned…

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