Amanda Vatcher — True Calgary Ugly Trash

Amanda Vatcher — True Calgary Ugly Trash. Introducing Amanda Vatcher. Guys look away, this one is hard to look at. Lets start by saying this chick is 19 years old and goes on dating apps saying shes in her twenties. Shes practically jail bait. She goes for guys twice her age and spreads her legs to keep them around. Shes as ghetto as it gets. Just check out her tik tok amandavatcher. To quote a friend, “Id rather jerk off with sandpaper and no lube than look at her face.” You gotta be pretty desperate to tap this one boys. You might get arrested for child abduction taking this one in public. She looks about 14. She has no class, she throws herself at guys, shell go for any guy at least twice her age that gives her a second look, which is probably rare, and chances are shell baby trap you or give you an drd, just watch her tik tok and see for yourself. I feel sorry for any guy who gets himself involved with this one. Keep some sandpaper handy in your nightstand boys.

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