Safire Santos — Real Scvm

This girl Safire Santos or safire_panda or debbie cousineau willard whatever this tramp dirt bag goes by. She is a walking drd who thinks she is some kind of singer song writer. She sleeps with anything or anyone she can includeing people husband’s. She also floozies her self out to pay for stuff she cant even afford. She has to wear layers of makeup to cover all her ugly and her scares. The last guy she slept with said she smells like old cheese. As soon as she is mad at someone she makes up lies and rumours to spread about them and makes everyone believe her by crying all the time. This dirty whorebag can’t even take care of any of her children and constintly trash talks her family. She obsesse all the time. She uses people for everything they have and when their is nothing left she moves on to her new victims. She is definitely trash.

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