Kristal Bird Burke Who Da Fuk U Think U Is ?

Omg. this girl Kristal burke, THIRSTY at. she only goes for guys in relationships act like she didn’t know when there isn’t any chance she didnt. She went after my friends man. He turned her down sooo many times. Then she drove four hours in the middle of a pandemic to give him some nasty ass sti . Then she sends my friend pictures of his and her nasty covo. Calling my girl this guy’s gf ugly saying she was around to do sh1t for the guy becasue my friend couldn’t . Hold up !! Reality check Kristal bird b1tch Burke . 1. U nasty af 2. He likely So embarrassed 3. You didn’t do anything bring stress to his life and u no it . 4 u a mistake . A large one . 5 Dont say things like ” pull up” to someone when u went out of ur way to take a girls man.. she is such a good human. And if she’s ugly wtf do u think u are cool I hope you think you are cool. All u are is a waste . A bird and a mistake . No one wants such fuking trash. Everyone you ever been with thinks your a mistake no doubt.

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