Jordan Gow This Girl Gets Around And Boy Does Her Pu55y Stank

well nik, I met this girl on POF last night she said that she had just broken up with her boyfriend she told me that for $20 she would suck my d1ck and lick my a55 all night I said Jordan I’m not looking to pay for sex and she said well I’m not looking to get paid I just want drugs all I want is drugs. She then went on to talk about how she had just lost her kids to the children’s aid Society and that it was everybody’s fault but her own even though five minutes later I watch this girl pull out a needle and shove it in her neck. This girl is a loser and a psychopath and a deadbeat mom everything you read on the Internet about her is absolutely true she’s a fuking joke she’s a clown and first of all she will throw anyone and everyone with a bus just to save her own fuking skanky dirty a55 Jordan you’re a fuking clown your a joke and will fuking see you soon b1tch 666 karma

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