Darrell Dorsey — Wannabe

this guy right here is the fakest mother fuker you will ever meet. I use to be his friend, until he decided to write a statement against me, and fck my gf. I can’t wait to see him on the ones. His dumb girlfriend Is brain washed, he rips her off and fcks anything with a hole. Jokes on him tho I know someone who is fuking her behind his back and is suppose to be loyal to him. He tries to get young girls to floozy. He made his sister sell her 4ss to. He’s known for trying to seduce young girls. He prays on 18 year olds He’s a full blown crackhead who robs his friends and family to support his habit. boasts about being a piece of sht. If you see him or his 2 junked out siblings run far away . the entire family is trash. He has 5 kids with 5 different woman who he has abandoned and doesn’t give a dime to. He’s stole from his brothers pockets while he was sleeping. and his girlfriends purse while he smiles in there face. Fake pos.

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