Corri Love — Dirty “Personal Trainer”

Corri Love — Dirty “Personal Trainer”. Hey all, so this is Corri Love. Corri is not so innocent like she claims to be. Corri Love works at Fit4Less and in between clients she spends her free time posting naked on Onlyfans while on the job. Corri also uses TikTok to brag about men that she has subbed to her OF, and that she is also friends with their girlfriends.. YIkes. She must be so proud… she’s a real keeper. Corri it’s time for a reality check! This immature 30yr old psycho spends her time obsessing, stalking and posting about me on social media. She acts like a lunatic all because her unfaithful boyfriend of 6 months (my ex of 3 years) used to message me and subbed to my OF. She has went an stole my OF content and posted it (which is illegal btw) Thanks for the free Shoutout! She try’s to bash other women for having an OF and makes false claims but she’s really the one that sells her body and whatever more.. Or her “kitty” as she calls it, and we all know she sells more then that!! You can find her at Fit4Less waiting for her next client! Ask her about her “specials” She’s a real winner and it’s no shock that she can’t keep a man. She couldn’t keep her baby daddy and now she has a different guy not even a year later playing “daddy” to her year old son. Someone help her because she clearly can’t help herself.

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