Cassie Allen Rogers The Piggy

Cassie Allen Rogers The Piggy. Cassie is a selfish b1tch who plays with men like toys she will invite you into her home let you chill but she never shuts the fuk up she also threatens to send people after kids, shes fuked up and she says she has ptsd but ptsd is worse than the way she acts she also has many guys in her messages and their nicknames are baby or babe, she is a fat b1tch and she will try to put her hands in your pants and fuk you shes a fat skanky h0e who needs to learn how to get her life straight and stop letting random people in her home my friends stole her sh1t , because she threatened them. She is also a rat aka cop caller she will rat on you with anything and she will not keep secrets shes not a real friend so stay away

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