Josh Harley — Nasty Drd Having And Spreading Pos

Josh Harley — Nasty Drd Having And Spreading Pos. This boy is disgusting!! I used to personally know this bastard. He “dated” my best friend. Until she found out he had a wife and a gf at home! Living in the same home!! And then he brought his little posse down to her house to distract her and then robbed the f#ck out of her. Took cell phones. Electronics. And her car keys and house keys. But he left his own pos tablet. When we looked through it, it had over a thousand videos on it of him having orgies with multiple ppl. Black, white, old,Young, man. Woman. He will fuk anybody!!! It took her months to recover from that. On top of it all, she found out,( bc she got called from the health dept.,) she got drds from him! This man is the biggest pos dopehead pu55y. He is supposedly clean.

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