James Dewees — Cheating Grifter Of Single Moms

He took thousands of dollars from a single mom and threatened anyone who spoke out about this. He paid back about 75% but come to find out he had like, 5 girlfriends at once and would hop from town to town on tour with his bands like a neighborhood cat thinking we wouldn’t find out then outed himself cheating on instagram. He promises you he’s going to marry you and “take care of you” but in reality, you take care of him because he’s a 40 something year old man baby with a fetish for single, successful women. Mostly single moms. He’ll get close to your kids, kiss your ass and buy everyone gifts, then go on to the next house and repeat process. Kids also think he’s kind of a creeper so watch out. If you catch him cheating and call him out he’ll threaten to kill himself, hurt you, sue you, doxx you, hurt your family. Dude is toxic af. Also he’s into all ages and if you look on Twitter he’s got lots of “fan stories” from underage and young girls talking about how they miss him and can’t wait to see him again. He also uses his instagram to ask people for money claiming he’s donating it to charity or small businesses and when you ask him what the name of the businesses are, he just tells you to email him or send him paypal money with his personal email address. He got kicked out of his bands he was known for in the 90’s and early 2000’s for sexual misconduct because dude is a freak.

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