Briana Elkins — Another Fuking Junkie…

This nasty heroin junkie will record your every move. Then when you call her on anything she runs to the cops. She lives in her own world where she believes her own bullshit. She will tell anyone that will listen lies about you. She is a dope banging whore who walks around with her arms bandaged up. Like she proud of the huge holes in her arms. She has DRD and is out there knowingly infecting what ever guy has the biggest sack of dope on whatever day. She likes to report people to the dfs. The b1tch dont have custody of her own kids. Because she would rather get high then take care of her kids. If you happen to cross paths with her be careful. She is scvm. She will bring you done. And she looks nothing like her picture. Take away the snap chat filters and she looks like a gapped tooth heroin junkie with so much loose skin you could tie it back around her neck. If you have slept with her you should definitely get checked fellas.

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