Darien Lebleu- Women Beater

He will say all the right things and call you all the right names just to get you he seems super sweet and so perfect but then as soon as he has you it will all change he will get mad super fast and try accuse you of doing things that never happened or aren’t true just because he feels bad for doing all the shady shit he’s doing to you! He will call you down if you don’t do what he says he will hit you and manipulate you into thinking it’s all your fault he’s mentally and physically abusive also smokes a ton of pepsi and will also blame you for his addictions when he’s been addicted for years. He’s super shady will cheat on you and will also fuck his bestfriends girlfriends! But he has to pay them with drugs of course because he’s so gross to be with! He will try and trick you into thinking he’s a super nice sweet guy and always got cheated on but that’s not true either he’s the cheater and liar he’s very toxic and I would stay far away from this man he will do nothing but destroy a person completely he’s also a huge thief and will take anything he can get from you and act like he’s never stolen a thing when that’s all he does lies about anything and everything including how much he works just to make himself look better to try and get the next girl in to just ruin her life and abuse her

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