Lina Wall – Holly Springs, NC

Lina was a lot of fun. She used to live in SC, and I lived next door to her. She liked to f * c k and would ride my dck raw. I could be baIls deep, up inside her pu55y several times a day, and she still couldn’t get enough! Her man didn’t live with her, then. He was working in another state. At the time, Lina didn’t have a cellphone, but she would bring her house phone over, in case he called. Lina could hear the phone ring at my place, but she couldn’t hear him talk. So once her phone would ring, Lina would have to run back over to her place to talk to him. She would tell him she was outside, or in her car when he would call. It worked every time. Lina loved to cheat! It made her hotter and wetter, knowing that she was getting one over on him. I didn’t know the guy, so it didn’t matter. I just know that he was an idiot to trust that nymph0 sIut. In the meantime, I was getting some. I was nailing some insanely hot pu55y, while he was missing out, by not being there.
I’d give Lina a five star rating, but she didn’t swallow and she wouldn’t let me f * c k her up her A$S. That was disappointing, but she still drained my baIl$ often, which was great! She also shaved her sweet honey pot, which guaranteed me a b0ner every time I saw those sexy, bald cuntlips! Even tho she’s old now, I’d still f * c k her.

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