Ally “Lexi” Mullaly -slept with everyone in Cypress

Ally “Lexi” Mullaly -slept with everyone in Cypress she also has HPV. This raging drunk/meth head likes to ruin people’s lives. Not only has she slept with everyone in Cypress she also has HPV and lets guys hit it raw. Has had several abortions. Gets violent when she’s drunk. She actually had a girl taken to jail, when this girl was kind enough to open her home to her one night after Ally called her drunk begging her to come stay over. In a fit of meth rage Ally hit this girl in her own house, got her a** beat, played the victim to HPD and had this poor girl arrested and tazed in her own front yard for DEFENDING HERSELF. The charge was dropped after the girl spent 2 weeks in county. Ally is also a thief who steals people’s makeup and drugs. Avoid this scummy crust punk!

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