Steven Criger — Narcasstic Excuse For A Man

This man will use and abuse women….take them for whatever they have to satisfy his own needs. Heroin crack pepsi meth whatever he can get his hands on he will do. This man will promise you the world tell you that he wants only you and then turn around and blame you for his guilty mind. Hes a dangerous man who will in the end get your children taken away. He lies once he opens his mouth, thinks he is gods gift to women but clearly is not even close to being a good man. He sleeps with anyone for money if you pay him enough he is just a disgusting and disgraceful waste of human space. He lures women from pof or cons his way from sweet talking them. He will break you until you are seriously mentally abused by him. Ladies watch out for this guy he is a dangerous human being. He will get what he needs and blow you off. women should beware when you cross paths with this psycho path!! Run run as fast as you can.

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