Summer Smillie — This Fat Sleaze Will Try To Fuk Your Man Too!!!

Nik, This b1tch used to be one of my good friends, she will shame you for gaining pregnancy weight even though she’s an easy 250 pounds! She fuks literally any guy, I watched her go home with a guy from Hess village and told me the next day she ate his a55, encourages all her friends to do it! She thinks she’s a big shot because she has her own place in Caledonia meanwhile she’s really on housing paying 100 bucks a month for rent. Summer will let any guys fuk her, she is the purest of Hamilton dirtbags and once her man realizes it and leaves her a55 she will be back on all the dating apps and in the club’s looking to fuk your man next!!!! Watch out girls this one’s a real dirtbag.

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