Rose Stonebridge — Dummy Dummy Rose Has No Bummy

Rose is dirty straight goods. She Don’t shower or clean herself up but thinks praying dollar store perfume on her is fine. This pathological liar says one thing and does another. Doesn’t do meth anymore and claims she is clean but says she does blow not realizing that means she is not clean. She is a idiot with no highschool education because she was to busy getting trained in the stairwell then to pick up a book. She steals from bars because her welfare check doesn’t pay enough. She is a bum who sleeps with anyone she just meets and think she is all that but girl doesn’t even have a a55. Rose wears 2x smaller bra she never washes because it’s always the same one. so she got a smaller size one because she has flappy saggy tits so they look somewhat big and normal so that’s a plus I guess just make sure she keeps it on or you will be grossed out. She loses friends like crazy but thinks everyone likes her because she is a h0e, claims she has a tight pu55y that tampons can’t fit in what everyone know is a lie. She is the Loosest girl in Hamilton, rose how can you be right if you got trained by 7 guys in 1 night? Let alone sleep with everyone you met. Come on your kill count 5 years ago was over 30 so imagine what it is now. I have seen & know you to cheat on everyone you are with then play a victim like they hurt you when you are always on to the next one. Take a shower and knock it off and buy some clothes that actually fit you besides close that are 2x to small for you!!!!

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