Josie Jojo Lynn Marie — Meth Head Addict Nasty Little Idiot

Here’s the scoop on this one fuked her ex for drugs while she was apparently in a commited relationship had her boyfriend post porn of her for everyone to see and still went back to him after fuking god knows how many guys while he was in jail steals lies will do anything to get her next fix even if it means having guys twice her age grab her a55 or play with her in a sexual manner this one is a special kind of meth user as she is so addicted to the drug she needs it everyday to survive everyday life I mean I may have used in the past but I got clean and proud to say have been clean since January of this year 4 months later and still keeping it clean but this little methie could go to rehab have them flush her system clean come out the very next two weeks and be right back on the meth also she suffers from mild brain damage cause her so called boyfriend Dean Felker beats her and tosses her around like a rag doll while having sexual relations behind her back with his ex Sherri ogden

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