Chris Horlick — Thieving Lying Fake Boy

Chris Horlick — Thieving Lying Fake Boy. Hi nik, this is Chris Horlick aka the faker of cayuga Ontario i went to jl mitchener with this boy in cayuga Ontario and grew up with him and he was always never a nice kid at all one time a boy from Seneca central in empire corners came to jl mitchener for a year this kid started sh1t with him and bullied him until he got a football thrown at his face and nose started bleeding and he got away with it and gotten in trouble for it and he tried to get everyone suspended and he is also a number 1 shit starter and likes to run his mouth about everyone that got him exposed and he gotten a haircut all cause he was broke to buy drugs and he has been kicked out of holy trinity in simcoe for skipping and he is also a manipulator.

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