Bailey Ellis — Trash Talking Screw Over

Bailey Ellis — Trash Talking Screw Over.Hi nik, this is Bailey Ellis of Dunnville Ontario and Selkirk/fisherville Ontario lets take a look at this fuk up which is his brother Luke Ellis is being on his side. He’s a thieving low life phony who likes to steal shit from people even though everyone if your around this thieves hide your chains and necklace jeweleries and valuable items because he likes to go and steal it from you and he likes to do drugs like pepsi Xanax percocets and sip lean. He is a biggest sh1t starter ever in Dunnville so watch out for this guy so anytime you hang around him he will be a compulsive liar and a mastermind sh1t disturber and he is also friends with tryna jaggard the 2 faced trash talker of cayuga/Dunnville Ontario and sh1t disturbing manipulating son Brodie jaggard and his friend Troy sugg the d1ck pic pheme and Ryan ellerker the phony list and Kendahl lusted the bad girlfriend of cayuga Ontario. He will screw you over for money and he is a broke boy who will be lying about stuff and try to be all cool like Luke ellis

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