Mandy Cuthbert — Floozy Sid From Ice Age

Mandy Cuthbert — Floozy Sid From Ice Age. This b1tch Mandy Cuthbert is the reason why so many relationships have failed. First of all whoever is stupid enough to fuk a b1tch like this without a paper bag over her head is a desperate loser. She spreads sexual drds to all of Grande Prairie and she sleeps with anything that’s for a penis and who will fuk her. She’s a meth bead home wrecker who beats her little sister up. Watch out for this ding dong ditch b1tch. She’s like cancer something everyone else’s wasn’t around & that’s highly deadly. Only she’s deadly to relationships and vaginal / penis health. You’re disgusting and a filthy useless slut. Go dig into a bag of fentanyl.

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