Laura Brake — I Slept With Your Boyfriend Laura Brake Newfie B1autch

Hey Laura I fkd your David Cuthill the whole duration you were trying to have a relationship with him. 2013-current lol He lied to me on 3 separate occasions and said he didnt have a gf. I was in his dads camper van at shakers rv park in Edmonton and to rainbow valley park in Edmonton. Your such a gullible b1autch newfie loser! Hes been messaging calling me for years off n on wanting to be with me n I reject him or I’ll be nice dunno I do what I want. He has a big d1ck n can only last a minutes. David calls me partying for 5 days harrassed me threatens me will not leave me alone down plays himself. Him n sheldon cuthill are both lying psycho narcissistic evil immature creepy skeletor feeted out snots raised by a dumb old man named Cameron cuthill. If you cared about yourself Laura youd just know this b1tch lies. So dont be surprised when you start finding out behind the scenes of this pepsi addicted crackhead and break out in drds!! To every other slutty girls out there that wanna get with dave…. just know he has sex with everything. Laura take your law school books n shuv them up your fat ugly a55 cuz you being around a pepsi head throws your credibility out the window stupid b1autch!! Take care hope you all start realizing Dave’s a FAKE down playing sugarcoating manipulating narcissistic psycho liar!!! So is sheldon cuthill. Everyone and anyone that hangs out with these two twins or Laura are lowlife losers!! Hope you like having sex with david for only 1 minute or less lmao!!

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