Ang Marie — Thieving Needle Junkie

Be careful around this one. Shes a thieving sl0t, addicted to pepsi and needles. Shes an absulte f0kin mess. Gets the jitters when she dont have pepsi and is an absolute b1tch to her loving sexy boyfriend. Dont know why he puts up with her sh1t. She keeps getting dogs and cats and killing them cause they swollow the needles she leaves all over her house. Then she leaves them in the home gor a few months to r0t and she puta em on the BBQ. Real messed in the head this chick. She b1tches and whines that she cant find friends to stick around. Dont fuck her over either or she will go after your exs. Not to mention she has 2 nice new uninsured vehicles in her parking lot. Be a shame if someone came and f00ked her sh1t right up. Haha boo hoo you dirty c0nt. Dont be fooled my the pic, she wont take a si gle selfie without a filter so ppl wont see how cracked out nd uglieeee she is. Inside and out.

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