Kristyn Boubard — Krusty Kristyn Scammer

Kristyn Boubard or Coyne is a scam artist and dirty baby mama!!! she acts like she’s so good because her bingo page has like 800 members and talks like a dumb slut meanwhile all she does is whine about her kids and how bad they are crying and posting their fits laughing and how her boyfriend makes her cry on lives and she sniffs his underwear to see if he’s cheating cause she believes his stupid fuking story about going to the reserve and back within 3 hours!! . she steals and scams people out of money and worst of all she always posts about missing her meth head baby daddy !!! probably did meth to get away from her crazy assign Nik, she didn’t even raise her last kid cause she couldn’t handle him when she had her boyfriends kid who his mom barley lets them have. she is a dirty scamming bitch who deserves not to steal people’s money and act like it’s because of her anxiiiiieetyyy. her anxiety can’t be that bad stealing from all the stores she does !! she robbed my brother before with her gross friends and she lives off welfare talks down anyone like she’s all that but her pu55y stinks from a mile away!!!! Hope this dumb cracked skin looking b1tch gets what she deserves

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