Jenny Kay Get Some Help Please

Same ole same lies to everyone especially her self thinks the whole world owes her some thing believes that she is so good to ever but really jest spends all day everyday trying to trade have her pu55y for dope or whatever she can get and will try to make you believe she is as pure as the driven snow I hate to run in to her again in five or 10 years because at this rate she will be completely used up or locked up maybe even dead I wish I could’ve helped her but she jest isn’t ready and probably never will be I do wish her happiness I jest don’t think she will ever find it

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Christina Wallis and Glen Wallis are simple minded fools from Belleville , Ontario, Canada. WALLIS LAW P.O. Box 20075, 411 Bridge St.Belleville, Ontario K8N 1P0 Phone 1 613 921 9529 Fax 1 613 902 2024

Brandy Dawn Bishop — Addict, Cheater, Liar