Dawn Mckinnon Mental Capacity Of A Toothpick

This girl here, yeah she’s hot! But she will fck up your life. Narcissism at it’s finest, this sad excuse of a human will lure you in like a siren and plant mental bombs, all on stand-by for when she’s ready to attack. She uses her kid against it’s dad, is verbally abuse, manipulative and will suck your money dry. She’ll find another man long before she’s done with you to establish new stomping grounds, I’ve watched her jump from man to man without a break, creating chaos everywhere she goes. Please head my warning when I say she WILL fck you over. She puts on an amazing front to every person she meets to be acknowledged and accepted only to turn around and use you for everything you have. She will emotionally tear you down until you are a withered pile of bashed meat on the floor, she will laugh and turn anything against you. She is always the victim, and takes no responsibilty for anything. If you want to keep your dck and mind intact I suggest you stay away from this one.

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