Dana Hecker — Deadbeat Mom

This woman abandoned all 3 of her children for some d1ck under the pretense of “self care” She went to go visit a guy who lives 1000s of miles across the country and then just decided that she wasn’t going home. Fuk her job, her car, house, pets and CHILDREN! It is presumed she is doing dope again as well. She left her 12 yr old daughter home alone for 2 weeks with NO FOOD and $8 to her name! She has blocked her own children an other family and friends on social media and is hiding from the consequences of her actions and is playing a victim. The only victim is the children she abandoned! So now she’s off in Holly Springs living with her boyfriend n his family. Sitting on her ass and spending time with HIS kid while ABANDONING her own! Karma is going to catch up to you you worthless b1tch. Its all going to blow up in your face one day.

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