Christopher Bowden — He’s Way Worse Than You Even Thought

Christopher Bowden — He’s Way Worse Than You Even Thought. Christopher Bowden has no standards at all when it comes to women. A female of legal age are the only things he looks for. You should see some of them, it’s scary and because of that any woman he’s with should be scared of catching something. He also is so pathetically desperate it’s insane. If a woman told him she’d have sex with him but first had to kill some babies, he’d buy her an axe and drive her around to daycares. Also if a woman says she’ll have sex with him he’ll blow off his family or any of his friends, usually without even letting them know, no matter how long ago he made the plan with them or what will happen to them if he screws them over. He just doesn’t care about anything else, it’s disgusting. He’s such a slime ball he’ll b1tch and moan about his bad luck with women but that may happen when you have no standards!

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