Officer Garrett Rolfe Atlanta, Georgia is innocent! Free him NOW

I am sorry to use this website to post this. I do know this is a cheater website. The reason I am posting this is that this website ranks high in the search results. I just want to get justice for this officer Garrett Rolfe. Free the officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan. These officers are innocent! do not believe the news media. So you’re telling me. Derek Chauvin gets second-degree murder, but this officer Garrett Rolfe who acted in self-defense is getting felony murder? Its fuckup that the news media cut the main part out in the video that shows that one of the cops being punches in the face by Rayshard Brooks, Rayshard Brooks takes the officer taser, and fire it at the officer. What’s next, the officers have to be a wait to be hurt or killed in order to protect themselves? Every police officer in Atlanta, should walk off the job NOW OR CALL IN SICK!! TILL THEY get this S**T FIXED RIGHT. This is just sickening. Who in their right mind would want to be a Cop Now..? Officer Garrett Rolfe did what he was trained to do.. and now they want to bury him for it .. for what? To appease the mentally defective rioters. I’m 99% sure this officer will not be convicted and I really hope he will sue the state of Atlanta and the DA and new press and get set for life after all of this bullshit.

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