Crazy Catfish Ariel Lauren Fallacaro

My man left this ugly skunk months ago and she cant move on. He even got a restraining order put on her and she still wont stop. You block her from one number she call u from a different number. She has borderline personality disorder and bipolar issues that needs to be addressed. She left my man 18 one star reviews on his google page. Shes texting my man pictures of her ring that she is getting married like good for you, we are happy for you but stop texting him!!!! Try to speak to her parents james and tali fallacaro all you get is we will talk to her she wont ever bother you again and 2 mins later she text you wtf why u texting my parents bc he has a restraining order on you that’s why!! This skunk is just a bad person. She needs to be put in a psych ward and on the right meds ASAP

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