Daniel Benarbon — Lying Cheating Drd Carrying Jerk

So this nasty cheating heroin addicted junkie cheated on my friend he lived with her didn’t pay rent and just was so nasty to her he would go cheat with other woman and brought a girl and banged her in his girlfriends bed every time He fights with his girl he runs off to drink And bang other woman playing mind games and driving her insane this guy is so disgusting he even gave her and a few other girls a drd he smokes weed drinks Kratom shoots heroin does molly and you name it all the drugs In the book he’s 26 years old living in a halfway house has sex with every girl raw dog and is 80k in debt I don’t understand how this man could even get a girl because he looks like a pelican when he was 16 he also robbed a synagogue with his friends he’s been arrested. Multiple times including in 2019 for trafficking over 200 pounds of marijuana and even got time in jail plus probation he acts like he’s gods finest creation when in reality he’s just a bum the dude is so skinny she said everytime he banged her his hip bones stabbed her in the stomach he can’t even last 10 minutes in bed let alone 5 stroke game is weak as hell so you’re a drug addict you can’t smash to save your life and never made her cum one time you’re a loser junkie and every woman you smash is obese and has learning disabilities or over over 50 years old his own family doesn’t even want him they threw him out at 16 which led to his drug abuse he is a disgusting animal if you meet him run far away he destroyed her house also and beat the crap out of her beware

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  1. so this guy has some really deep shit he goes every month to Colombia to get drugs and pay for little girls, he is a nasty dude-he has a crazy obsession with colombian prostitutes- Actually he is dating a local whore from medellin called antonia-thats the only way he can get pussy. he has serious problems with drugs thats why he travels very often to colombia (he tells his family he goes there for medical treatment) which is false, he goes there doing drugs and sleeping with 16 – 17 y.o. local and venezuelan girls. he says he is the owner of Palm Beach Car Keys but the true is that it is his dad’s business. this dude is disgusting, he is a horrible human being

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