Bill Willard — This Man Is A Cheating Narcissistic

This man Bill Willard ruined the lives of my friend and her children! He cheated on her throughout their entire marriage. She noticed that he was acting different and checked his phone. She read all the dirty texts! She had a complete meltdown and he promised her that he wouldn’t do it again and blamed her for the cheating! She tried to do everything to please him, but it was never good enough! Then someone sent her a letter telling her that they saw him with another woman and she confronted him. She found out it was the same woman! He’s always had justification for his actions and plays the victim. She was a good wife to him. She thought they were best friends! Everything was all about what he wanted and never about what she wanted. She was tired from taking care of the children and house. He drove around at his lawn care job and screwed around with sluts while she worked my butt off at home. He didn’t care about anyone, but himself. He told her he needed to leave her and the children! She did everything she could to be what he wanted and found out the whole time that he was screwing around with a new ho! And she’s married! It’s always about him! With no thought to his family! He’s a lying, cheating piece of crap! The world needs to know the true person he really is! I hope he gets an DRD!

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