Ashley Taylor — Clermont, Florida

Get a workout with a happy ending, book now with Ashley Taylor, Real Estate agent to the h***y men who use her on a regular basis. Not from Clermont? No worries, for an extra fee this tramp will come to you and get you off with her mouth, she has a plan for every paying man. Results guaranteed. It works for her, especially if she can hit the man’s d**k, and promote her business, make a contact with someone who will fly her back for more. She offers a steep discount if she can come to you when it’s cold in Florida. Discounts for guys who c*m together with a friend, Ashley is the personal slutty tramp you need. Let her fit you into her world. Please No N*****s. There is one problem she stinks bad she smells like rotten fish down there
Give Ashley call (407) 920-3571

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