Wallace Morgan — Narcissistic Bum, Plays Multiple Women

So this guy is scvm. LOL no other word for it. He will play you and pretend he’s such a good guy, say he will help you get off drugs because he is an “ex addict” while still smoking puddles. He’s from Newfoundland, and “ Gypsy’s” (his words, hell tells ya !) his way through Alberta, and Ontario. Will get you to make casino accounts and get into your bank account and deposit into his game.. and then you’re flat broke, says he will pay you back, he doesn’t have the intention to do so at all. He Will find any excuse as to why you’re the crazy one and not him so you just leave. Glad I got out with some winnings He thinks he’s all that and more, loves his c0ck and thinks it’s the prize possession. Will message multiple women on Facebook and ask them to come over while he’s laying with you right there on the couch. If anyone has ever fallen for his bullshit, I’m sorry. If you see this man or he messages you out of no where, it’s because he probably knows you have money. And he ain’t got sh1t. Just run as fast as you can, he ain’t scared to hit a woman, probably because that’s all he can beat and get away with. Any man could knock this pu55y out. H( first photo is an illusion, this man is not that good lookin).

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