Todd Lutz — A Narcissist And Possible Sociopath Disguised As A Friendly Business Owner

Todd Lutz — A Narcissist And Possible Sociopath Disguised As A Friendly Business Owner. Todd Lutz is a well known business owner of the Fabutans in Edmonton Alberta. Todd has also been known for his inappropriate treatment towards his staff, as many customers can say the turn over rate is very noticeable with new staff all the time. Customers have reported sexual harassment towards them from Todd including a 17 year old daughter of a regular customer who came in to spray tan. Todd has hired his current girlfriend as a business partner, all while cheating on her with the 24 year old staff that works for him. He has asked staff to recommend friends for hiring, then proceed to ask those friends for nude photos to be approved of hiring. Most of the female staff has shared text messages and images of sexual harassment from Todd. I have seen the conversations and I’m sickened how someone can still be a business owner. Not only sexual harassment but bullying as well. Threatening girls to expose their medical record , as Todd claims he can access them. Todd has changed from medical grade cleaners for the tanning beds to a lower quality cleaner that is meant for just simple cleaning. A customer developed a staph infection fro the tanning beds, when a medical note was brought in Todd said he was a liar and banned from the Fabutan location., Todd is obsessed with control of younger girls and puts on a good show. Hes dirty there is much much more to it, ask the staff.

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