Sunshine Buffalo Wannabe Rockstar Who Sucks At Guitar

Parents can’t be loving enough not to drink with her in the womb,so she grew up to be a complete disaster. Harasses girls that are pretty and successful more then she can reach and spins the bat until she can’t function. She has cringey jealousy issues and so many people hate her cause she just won’t keep your name out of her mouth. Hypocrite can’t realize that her sleeping around doesn’t make her not a h0e. Calls other girls h0es for it. Sleeps on the street can’t live in stable housing. Doesn’t bathe her vagina reeks. Super self centred and lied about studying medicine so she doesn’t look like a pill popper. When she had braces her mouth smelled like shet cause she never brushed,when she drinks beer she becomes easy and suprised she hasn’t been actually raped. Doesn’t matter tho no one likes her. She doesn’t have rights (jokes). She cheats and steals. Don’t pity her cause she will use you if you do. Obsessive and can’t see that she is ugly and thinks the world wants to look at that. Sorry sweaty,you aren’t some hot shot your a junkie in denial with a superiority complex. No job,no school,no house. No money. Just all an all around native bum.

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