Shawna Cooper Petty Thief Who Has A Bad Gambling Problem

Shawna Cooper Petty Thief Who Has A Bad Gambling Problem. Beware of this hurting women who will gamble all her money away and she doesn’t have any left to buy her kids things she goes bottle picking to get her next spin at the casino she even steals from peoples yards just to gamble and her so called friends she only uses and she even steals from them she will go to great lengths to steal your stuff so she can pretend she bought them just to give to her children and will blame everyone from stealing from her the one who points fingers there is three pointing back at her she stolen shoes and phones, underwear, perfume, makeup, clothes and even tattoo kits to sell this women can ‘t be trusted….. She even stole from her dead aunt recently selling her restaurant equipment behind her family’s back and pawn shops….

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