Raymond Anderson — The Wannabe Tough Guy

Raymond Anderson — The Wannabe Tough Guy. this is Raymond Anderson and he tries to pick fights with everyone. He even admitted to me that he likes to lick his own butt crack with his father watching. I’m not joking, he actually said that and I have the screenshots to prove it. He’s super weak and nothing but fat, but he loves acting tough. As soon as you do fight him, he starts crying and goes running back to mommy. He was picking on my buddy Alex so I told him to back off. I’m a big guy trained in Boxing and I lift heavy so I expected him to apologize and get lost, but he actually started to fight with me too. He’s fatass loser who works at Best Buy selling games and electronics for little money. So the next time this guy approaches you and starts to fight you, just remember that he’s all talk and no action. Put him on blast and let’s tell this loser to stick with his video games.

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