Patrick Hanson — Carpet Cleaning Weirdo

Patrick Hanson — Carpet Cleaning Weirdo. This terribly unattractive hunch back lookin pathetic pos is Patrick Hanson…ugh!!! He owns and operates Kodiak Carpet Cleaning, he lives in the St.Albert/Edmonton area but has been known to work up in Ft.Mac Patrick’s little Carpet cleaning business hasn’t been doing so well and unfortunate circumstances left Patrick homeless he currently lives in hotels/motels around the St.Albert/Edmonton area…on occasion may sleep in his van if he can’t afford a room for the night. He has a daughter but she can’t allow a drug addict to stay in her home with her children… So pervert Patrick likes to spin the bat and get high on meth and being ugly like he is makes him incredibly lonely so he peruses bbw floozys on Leo List and some poor working girl just probably trying to feed her kids gives him a break and he rips her off!!! Sad Patrick…your health is not good your sh1tting blood…Karma is a B1tch!!!

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