Hey Nik This is Nicole Dixon. And she literally must be one of the worst people in Edmonton to date. After 2 years she still doesnt think basically opening going to the bar to be her friends pawn and getting hit on by other guys and letting them touch her right infront of her boyfriend is wrong. Not to mention basically attempting to kiss his good friend. Oh and she also sees nothing wrong with taking G from complete strangers when she has a boyfriend too. And if you try to speak up to her and tell her whats wrong she makes you feel like a piece of sh1t. She comes from privilage and her only friends are basically the ones who work for her dad. Literally she acts like she knows everything when her only qualification is a forklift license. She literally does not care who she hurts to have it her way. She is beyond evil and has no soul. Not to mention she thinks the BLM movement is a joke for equality of all people. She literally doesnt care for people of color who come from adversity. Not saying you have to care. But she literally just labels them as lazy. And when you call her out she says oh my dad hired 2 east indians and 2 philipinos. Shes just completely ignorant. I hope people spread this because literally this is beyond being mad she literally causes PTSD. Please anyone stay away from her and her HEP C And if you are with her just know your with her to pay half her mortgage and going to suffer from stocklhom syndrome. Oh anf not to mention shebelieves in abortion and had one when she was 19 cauae she doesnt like kids Thanks for reading.

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